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Continuities: Philippine cinema yesterday and today
Filipino filmmaker Raymond Red considers his work and Filipino cinema's history and future in an in-depth interview with Gaik Cheng Khoo.

A Conversation with John Torres
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart: For Filipino filmmaker John Torres, everything is personal. Even interviews.

A Conversation with Lav Diaz
Longer is better: correspondence spanning several months (and several pages); read part of Alexis Tioseco's extended ongoing e-mail interview with Lav Diaz.

A Conversation with Ato Bautista
Bottle Rocket: "My Awakening from Consciousness" was one of the most powerful Filipino films of 2005. Alexis Tioseco sits down with its director, Ato Bautista.

Alexis links
To mark the anniversary of Alexis' death, Ben Slater searches the web for his writing. He finds blogs, journals, articles, essays, fragments and memories.

Revolutions Happen Like Refrains in a Song*
*(Or rather, are declared as often): Amidst a State of Dependence, A New Philippine Cinema is Born. Alexis Tioseco challenges notions of independence in the burgeoning Philippine cinema.

Journal Entry No.3: End Credits
Raya Martin gathers his things and packs up, sending us his final journal entry as a Cinefondation resident.

Reimagining Moroland: A tale of accidental filmmaking
Maguindanaon filmmaker Teng Mangansakan talks about his life, works, and the crucial role that filmmaking plays in shaping perceptions.

Cinema Regained: Classic Filipino Films in Rotterdam
Film critic Noel Vera reflects on "Cinema Regained" (and reactions to it), a selection of Filipino films that he guest programmed at the 2006 International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Journal Entry No.2: Wherever You Prosper
"Ladies and gentlemen, the residents of the 11th session of the Cinéfondation Festival du Residence". Raya Martin's gives us the second installment of his journal from Paris.

Journal Entry No.1: Anticipations of Light
Precocious young Filipino filmmaker Raya Martin mails in his first journal entry as a Cannes Cinefondation Resident in Paris.

In this extract from his article on Independent Philippine cinema for the book Glimpses of Freedom, the late Alexis Tioseco narrates the haunting sequences of Raya Martin's Autohystoria.

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