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You can never go home
To mark his tenth year in Singapore, Ben Slater presents seven fragments about nostalgia in the films of Royston Tan

The Trail of A Million Flowers
Ben Slater narrates the personal journey of writing Kinda Hot, a making-of book about Saint Jack, the Peter Bogdanovich film shot in Singapore.

Singapore GaGa Tours Singapore
Singapore GaGa is your not typical Singaporean film, and yet it is finding its audience. Director Tan Pin Pin documents GaGa's journey around Singapore.

Speech Acts - Censorship and Documentary Filmmaking in Singapore
"No Political Films Please, we're Singaporeans". Vinita Ramani interrogates Censorship in Singapore via the case of Martyn See's 'Singapore Rebel'.

Singapore Dreaming
The HDB and beyond (or beyond the HDB): Vinita Ramani looks at the latest local film to have made noise in Singapore.

Book: Singapore Cinema
Benjamin Mckay serves as our critical guide through Raphael Millet's handsomely produced book, "Singapore Cinema"

Singapore Shorts DVD
Do you remember The Class of 2002? Ben Slater does, and tells us about it and its impact while dissecting the freshly released Singapore Shorts DVD compilation.

Be With Me
Khoo Gaik Cheng samples Cannes favourite Eric Khoo's lastest, "Be With Me"

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