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SEA Cinemas at the Borders
Screen Singapore
Adeline Kueh Paper Cited in Article

Plural Identities: Reinventions & Revisions in Malaysian Cinema
Feature by: Vinita Ramani

[1] Screen Singapore’s full programme can be found at The festival ran all of August 2005, showcasing films from Malaysia and Singapore during its studio era in the 1950s-1960s, right up to the latest offerings from Singaporean filmmakers such as Djinn Ong and Kelvin Tong

[2] Details about the conference can be found at

[3] In an interview I did with Maria Menado in August 2005 for an article, the actress told me that she had worked with the likes of Shammi Kapoor – the great Indian actor – and that there was a great deal of interaction, exchange of ideas and creative energy between the Indians and Malays. When I queried her on why this isn’t mentioned more in writings about Malaysian cinema, she said simply shook her head, rolled her eyes and said, “what to do?”

[4] Ahmad, M.S.: Malaysia in The Films of Asean, Edited by Jose F. Lacaba. ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information: 2000

[5] Yusoff, N: Representation of Multi-Ethnic Characters in Contemporary Malaysian Cinema. Also presented during the Southeast Asian Cinemas at the Borders Conference, 15-16 August 2005, Thammasat University/Thai Film Foundation.

[6] Adeline Kueh’s paper and research in this area makes for excellent reading. See Kueh, A: Pontianak and her Sisters: Representations of Monstrosity in Southeast Asian Popular Culture. The full paper can be found at:

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