Today is Monday, June 01, 2020

Coming Out of the Film School Closet
Feature by: Vinita Ramani

End Notes:

[1] That this same identification with one’s country or cultural background didn’t emerge with the Singapore context says something about why it is that some Singaporeans are still convinced they don’t quite have an identity to speak of, or stories of their own to tell.

[2] “Parlez-vous Francais?” Interview with Raya Martin by Alexis Tioseco. S.E.A. Images website .

[3] See for an excellent discussion / roundtable conference with Peggy Chiao on the Chinese film market and the implications of co-productions.

[4] Updates will come from the ASEF office in Singapore and hopefully, a review of that DVD will come out in a forthcoming issue of Criticine.

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