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We've just launched 'Issue Six' of Criticine, a curated series of articles, interviews and reviews that explore films and film-makers from the ...

Ben and May

Criticine contributor. academic and critic Benjamin McKay died of a cardiac arrest on the 18th July. Much-loved by students and friends Benjamin will be sorely missed.

Ben and May


We've just posted an update to Criticine: Love Letters. Four new letters declare love to objects of desire from the Phillipines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Then we have a wide-ran...

Ben and May

Welcome to Criticine. Welcome to Love Letters.

Criticine was founded in October 2005 by Alexis A. Tioseco and was "dedicated to pushing forth intelligent discourse on Southeast Asian cinema". ...

May Ingawanij

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Ben Slater

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Alexis links
To mark the anniversary of Alexis' death, Ben Slater searches the web for his writing. He finds blogs, journals, articles, essays, fragments and memories.

Continuities: Philippine cinema yesterday and today
Filipino filmmaker Raymond Red considers his work and Filipino cinema's history and future in an in-depth interview with Gaik Cheng Khoo.

You can never go home
To mark his tenth year in Singapore, Ben Slater presents seven fragments about nostalgia in the films of Royston Tan
Words from that day
Continuities: Philippine cinema yesterday and today
A Conversation with the Editors of Bioscope Magazine
Only light and memory
A Conversation with Sasithorn Ariyavicha pt.1
A Conversation with Amir Muhammad
A Conversation with Pen-Ek Ratanaruang
A Conversation with Apichatpong Weerasethakul
A Conversation with Ato Bautista
A Conversation with Philip Cheah
A Conversation with Edwin
A Conversation with John Torres
A Conversation with Lav Diaz
A Conversation with Sasithorn Ariyavicha pt.2
A Conversation with Faozan Rizal
A Conversation with Kong Rithdee
Speech Acts - Censorship and Documentary Filmmaking in Singapore
Indonesian Cinema: A Year in Review
Rethinking Cinemas of Asia: Preliminary Thoughts
Whose Terror Is It Anyway?
Monster!: I survive through other people's memories.
You can never go home
The Face of Auntie Jen
Mysterious Objects: On the early works of Apichatpong
Notes Made in the Dark
Cinema Regained: Classic Filipino Films in Rotterdam
Coming Out of the Film School Closet
Love Letters
Why and for whom do you film today?
Voices of Malaysian Cinema
Singapore GaGa Tours Singapore
Art, Entertainment and Politics
The Trail of A Million Flowers
Reimagining Moroland: A tale of accidental filmmaking
Why and for whom do you write/work today?
Plural Identities: Reinventions & Revisions in Malaysian Cinema
Revolutions Happen Like Refrains in a Song*
Gazing with Fresh Eyes
Alexis links
Toward New Ways of Seeing Southeast Asian Cinema
Journal Entry No.3: End Credits
Journal Entry No.1: Anticipations of Light
Journal Entry No.2: Wherever You Prosper
Uruphong Raksasad: Self-sufficiency moviemaking

Village People Radio Show
Confessions, Testimonies and Social Memory: Vinita Ramani listens on Amir Muhammad's Village People Radio Show.
Country: Malaysia
Not profound, just waiting to be found: Aaron Chung
Hassan Muthalib introduces us to the works of this short film maestro.
Country: Malaysia
Ho Yuhang's "Sanctuary": The Other Side of Malaysia.
Country: Malaysia
Uhaw Sa Pag Ibig
Forgotten Silver: Critic Noel Vera continues his chronicles of little known gems from the quiet man, Mario O'Hara.
Country: Philippines
Singapore Shorts DVD
Do you remember The Class of 2002? Ben Slater does, and tells us about it and its impact while dissecting the freshly released Singapore Shorts DVD compilation.
Country: Singapore

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