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We've just launched 'Issue Six' of Criticine, a curated series of articles, interviews and reviews that explore films and film-makers from the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

We can also announce that Criticine will be shortly entering a new phase of development and content, which is a very good thing.

Our thoughts on all of this and the full contents of the Issue can be read here. Please click, read, think and watch...

Posted By Ben and May

Criticine contributor. academic and critic Benjamin McKay died of a cardiac arrest on the 18th July. Much-loved by students and friends Benjamin will be sorely missed.

Posted By Ben and May


We've just posted an update to Criticine: Love Letters. Four new letters declare love to objects of desire from the Phillipines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. Then we have a wide-ranging and very frank interview with Alexis Tioseco, conducted the night in Manila we first talked of Love Letters.

If you want to send us a Letter for the site, please get in touch. Our email is

Thanks, as always, to the writers.

Posted By Ben and May

Welcome to Criticine. Welcome to Love Letters.

Criticine was founded in October 2005 by Alexis A. Tioseco and was "dedicated to pushing forth intelligent discourse on Southeast Asian cinema". Alexis edited the first six 'issues' between 2005 and 2008. A film critic, curator and lecturer from the Philippines, he was a passionate advocate of Southeast Asian cinema.

Alexis and his partner, the Slovenian film writer and programmer Nika Bohinc, were killed in their Manila home on September 1, 2009. They are greatly missed.

He was editing the Love Letters issue with May Adadol Ingawanij and Ben Slater, who had conceptualized it with him. May and Ben have been working to complete the issue for the last few months.

Over the course of 2010 we intend to update the website with more Love Letters. If you have a letter to submit, or want to get in touch with us about anything else, please email us at criticine1 at

To go to the Love Letters click here.

Posted By May Ingawanij

Update coming soon...

Posted By Ben Slater


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