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Tan Chui Mui

Tan Chui Mui was born 9 October 1978 in Sungai Ular, a small fishing village in Kuantan, Malaysia.

She has been actively involved in the Malaysian independent film scene, working as producer, editor, script writer and ocassionally actress. In 2004, she set up Da Huang Pictures with Amir Muhammad, James Lee and Liew Seng Tat.

Tan Chui Mui is known for her successful first feature film Love Conquers All, which won top prizes in numerous film festivals, including New Currents in Pusan and the Tiger award in Rotterdam. Many forget that she is a very productive short filmmaker, who had won big prizes in two of the most prestigious short film festivals in the world: Principal Prize in Oberhausen Short Film Festival with A Tree In Tanjung Malim (2005), and Grand Prix in Clermont-Ferrand Short film Festival with Everyday Everyday (2009).

In 2008, while developing her second feature film, she decided to make a short film every month. She only managed to make seven and she called them All My Failed Attempts.
Currently she is working on her second feature The Year Without A Summer.

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